US college basketball last year advertisement revenue

US college basketball last year advertisement revenue

US college basketball last year advertisement revenue
Last year’s ad revenue of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Division 1 64th tournament, which is called ‘March Frenzy’, was higher than that of NBA and Major League Baseball play-offs . 

“For the first time in the history of American basketball tournaments, the national television advertising revenue of last year was about $ 1.32 billion (about 1.4 trillion won),” Forbes said. “He said. 

According to USA Today USA Today, “This year’s event is also expected to attract more than 100 million people from 180 countries around the world to watch US college basketball through TV broadcasts and reach 800,000 people directly.” 

The US $ 1.32 billion in March TV advertising revenue is less than the post-season ad revenue of $ 1.68 billion for US professional football (NFL), but the NBA playoff ad revenue of $ 970 million More money. 

Compared to $ 468 million in TV ad revenue from the Major League baseball playoffs last year, US college basketball is nearly three times more.

College football, the same university sports, was valued at $ 382 million. In the case of NFL, the annual relay fee is about $ 5 billion, which is five times more than US college basketball. 

According to the Forbes survey of 2017, US college basketball ranked 5th in the category of ‘sports event brand value’, following the NFL Super Bowl, the Winter Olympics and the World Cup soccer tournament. 

It was ranked higher than the Major League World Series and the UEFA Champions League. USA Today also reported some statistics on US college basketball tournaments. The total amount of wagers in the 64th tournaments is about $ 8.5 billion, and the average American spent $ 20 to $ 50 on American college basketball bets. 

The average worker spends an average of 6 hours watching the ‘March Frenzy’ game, resulting in corporate losses totaling $ 4 billion. 

USA Today added, “The money NCAA pays for participating players is $ 0.” 

The final round of the “Frenzy in March” this year, where the first round of the 64th round began on the 22nd, will be held at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on April 7 and 9. 

 The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will support the establishment of two smart stadiums, including Suwon KT Wiz Park and Changwon NC Park Masan Stadium together with the Korea Professional Sports Association. 

The Smart Stadium is a stadium where information can be provided to the audience by using information and communication technology (ICT), such as multi-point relay and real-time relay record, and the FC can accumulate and accumulate customer information efficiently. for more info you can check that 농구중계.

The two Smart Stadiums were selected last year in a contest to build stadiums, each of which was supported by a national budget of 660 million won. If you include the burden in the club, the total budget is KT Wizpark of 2,693 million won, and Changwon NC Park Masan stadium is 2,110 million won. 

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