Technology of Oakley Radar glasses

Proprietary geometries, high-performance materials and state-of-the-art design and production techniques allow Cheap Oakleys UK to create eye wear that maintains optical correction for refraction power, optical clarity and prismatic power. These three classifications are measured by a global standard ANSI Z87.1 for optical performance ratings. Oakley is the gold standard and is the best-in-class as evident in Private Pilot magazine’s sunglasses optics test results comparing all manufacturers.

I’m sure you have seen this stylish-looking sunglasses somewhere – the ones with wearable technologies on them, such as cell phone capabilities and MP3 players. I almost sure you will think about Oakley sunglasses.

Decades of continuous innovation have resulted in new product technologies that have been awarded more than 600 patents worldwide. From the “Blades” sunglasses with customization designs to the “Sub Zeros” (at 0.69 oz, the lightest sunglasses on earth) to – perhaps most importantly – fully 3-D CAD/CAM designed lens geometries that maintain optical clarity along the entire lens (Oakley’s High Definition Optics, or HDO).

Not to mention interchangeable lens technology, radical designs like the hinge less “Over The Top” replica sunglasses UK, and “X Metal” frames with ultra-lightweight titanium alloy and compressible couples for increased flexibility at

The list of innovative eye wear goes on. Hydrophobic lens technology that repels water and sweat. Digital audio  eye wear combining performance eye wear and music. Advanced carbon fiber for incredible shatter-proof strength. Prescription eye wear tailor-made for active lifestyles.

So what makes Oakleys so special? Oakleys are a true blend of innovative science and art. Yes, the world’s most elite athletes depend on Oakley. For good reason. Oakley’s fit, comfort, and optical performance is truly superior to other brands. And yes, they look cool. Oakley has erased the line between function and form to create works of art that truly work.

In short, what makes Cheap Oakleys UK so special is innovative performance AND cutting-edge designs.

“By striving tirelessly to meet the extreme demands of the world’s most elite athletes, and elevating physics to the level of art, Oakley has created eyeglass that works for everybody.”

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