3 Brands of Sunglasses that are High on Style & Low on Price

3 Brands of Sunglasses that are High on Style & Low on Price

3 Brands of Sunglasses that are High on Style & Low on Price


For decades now, sunglasses have been a staple in the closet of fashionable men and women. Not only does it protect you from the sun rays, but also gives you a trendy look. It makes you appear stylistically relevant and fashionably forward. Brands like Persol and Oliver People have a hiked price point and common people who want both quality and affordability and aren’t quite comfortable paying that exorbitant amount for a pair of shades.

The steep prices of the high-end brands caused the consumers to search for other pocket-friendly alternatives elsewhere. It was then a brand named ‘Warby Parker’ stepped in. The price point of this brand was revolutionary as the starting price of a glasses initiated from $95; as opposed the $300 starting point of the high-end brands. This opened the door for other start-ups to make quality sunglasses at an affordable price.

Here are the 3 best sunglass brands that are affordable, stylish and will help you stay cool this summer.

1. Finlay London

This brand creates classic eyewear with an edge that will make your visage stand out. Finlay London aims at moving away from the cliched styles and has incorporated the provision for personalization. It has espoused the classical techniques of making eyewear, which is used by artisans located at the foothills of the Italian Alps.

To know this brand further you can visit their concept store in Soho, London. Finlay London has provision for engraving on the frame, which truly makes it a class apart. Among other celebrities, this brand has been flaunted by Meghan Markle, which again points out to their quality and class.

2. Payne

Amongst other brands that offer quality sunglasses at an affordable rate, Payne stands out with their best-in-the-market price. It offers comfortable and fashionable prescription glasses as well. Payne believes in transparency and enumerates that the reason they can provide quality glasses at an affordable range is because of the cost of their raw material. Their glasses are one of the best at the given price and come in a stylish case with a cleaning cloth.

Payne realizes the affordability problem of prescription glasses. And so, it has a scheme that donates customized glasses to people who cannot afford it. Amazing right? Also, you can check for Payne coupon codes before buying on any coupon/deal sites.

3. Cubitts

Cubitts is known for its close attention to detail apart from its affordability factor. This sunglass brand was found in the year 2012 in King’s Cross, London. Cubitt makes sunglasses by following a traditional way. It takes around six weeks to make each of their glasses, which passes through more than fifty different stages! A signature mark that most Cubitt sunglasses have is the custom Cubitt pins. These pins are secured in the frames through acetates by hands, which is time-consuming and implies easy maintenance.

Cubitt offers try-on services at home, which is a convenient option for most busy people out there. These glasses feature UV400 protection, Zeiss mirrors, and polarized lenses. At Cubitts, you can as well get your prescription lenses purchased through online or at any variety store in London.


The objective of this article wasn’t to demotivate you from buying high-end brands like Ray-Ban or Oliver People. It is written simply to bring to your view that other awesome brands are offering quality sunglasses at a more affordable rate.

Often when you pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of glasses, they pay for the brand value and not the material used in the eyewear. If you wish to own a pair of class stylish glasses, it is not necessary for you to shell out hundreds of dollars to obtain one. Try the brands mentioned above. These affordable brands of glasses will surprise you with their quality, and you would thank us later.

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